3 Reasons to Wear Your Hearing Aid

For people who have always lived their lives independently, it is difficult to come to terms with any kind of disability at a later age. According to stats, around 80% of the adults of age 55 to 74 years who are diagnosed with any kind of hearing disability don’t pay attention to their audiologist's words. Why is that?

The following are some of the reasons adults shared behind their refusal of using a hearing aid and our advice on how to overcome these feelings:

“I can’t get used to it!”

Many adults treat their hearing aid as an accessory that makes them uncomfortable and their ears itch, so they can’t be bothered to keep putting it in and out of their ear. The reason it makes them uncomfortable is because they haven’t accepted the fact that they need it in the first place. Many people use glasses as an aid and they never try to claim they don’t need them. It is understandable to not get used to this additional machine in your ear but getting used to it is the best way to get accustomed to living with them.

“It’s Useless!”

Some adults have heard through one source or another that hearing aid isn’t helpful and won’t make them hear everything the way they used to do so before. This is indeed a valid concern because in many cases it works just as an aid and doesn’t fix your hearing magically.

Even after knowing this, we encourage you to use it because it doesn’t benefit you only. It helps your friends and family to communicate with you better without raising their voices and excessive sign language.

“It’s pricey!”

Price is a factor that’s beyond any psychological denial and fashion statement. You can choose small hearing aids that are nearly invisible when you put them in your ear, or counseling to make you accept this big change in your life, but all of this costs you quite some money.

One needs to realize that getting a quality hearing aid is a long term investment. It will assist you in conversations and won’t make you feel isolated. Moreover, there are many funds to get help ease your financial burden.

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